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Click on the link below to go to the secure online application form on the main GMB website which will take you around 10 minutes to complete. Before you begin make sure you have your bank account details to hand to complete the direct debit form.

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Use Tax Powers To Fund Social Care

28 January 2016

GMB Call On 152 English Councils To Use New Powers On Council Tax To Raise Additional £1,804m Per Year By 2019/20 To Fund Social Care

Councils are allocated extra funds from the Better Care Fund so new money could total £3,304m for councils in England by 2019/20 which must be spent on social care says GMB.

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Jan 26th Bexley Protest

28 January 2016

GMB Protest On Tuesday 26th January At Bexley Town Hall Over Cuts To Youth Service In The Borough

This protest is to reflect the public outcry over plans to change the structure of Bexley's youth services being debated at the council meeting says GMB.

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Fake Safety Cards In Construction

28 January 2016

GMB Calls On Construction Industry To Eradicate Dangers Posed From 4,615 Fraudulent Safety Certificates In Circulation On UK Sites

Those who issued fraudulent cards should be arrested and charged with serious criminal offences and jailed and their employers should face heavy fines says GMB.

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Feb Heartunions Week

28 January 2016

GMB To Join Week Of Action On 8 To 14 February 2016 Against The Trade Union Bill

Trade Union Bill will shift the balance of power even further in favour of employers making it much harder for ordinary workers to stand up to their bosses says GMB.

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Dispute Looms At South London Hospitals

28 January 2016

Dispute Looms At Of South London And Maudsley NHS Trust As Pay Talks With Contactor Aramark For £10 Per Hour Living Wage Stall Next step is seeking permission for official strike ballot and there will protest demonstrations on 2nd and 9th February says GMB.

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No To Closing London City Airport

28 January 2016

GMB Slam Call By Green Party London Mayoral Candidate To Close London City Airport Which Will Lead To The Loss Of Jobs At The Airport

The message to the more than 2,000 workers at the airport is that a vote for the Green Party is a vote for unemployment says GMB.

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Blacklisting Claims In High Court

28 January 2016

GMB Hearing In High Court In London On 21 Jan To Secure Compensation For 122 GMB Members Blacklisted By Construction Firms

That some members have been paid compensation by the companies to reflect the impact blacklisting had on their working lives and families is welcome says GMB.

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300 London Food Jobs Under Threat

28 January 2016

GMB Seek To Mitigate Impact Of 300 Jobs Under Threat At Bakkavor Meals Park Royal Following Significant Loss Of Tesco Business

A consultation on redundancy is underway affecting members at Bakkavor Meals at the Cumberland, Elveden and Premier Park sites says GMB. GMB,

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Meeting With Minister On Tips

28 January 2016

GMB Meet On Tues 26th Jan With Minister For Business And Labour Mp To Discuss Unfair Tipping Policies At Turtle Bay And Other Restaurants

There should be a clear policy that all tips should go to workers as there is no justification for these monies going to cover costs of running restaurants says GMB.

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Recycling By Local Councils

28 January 2016

73 Councils In England Already Meet Or Exceed EU Recycling Target For The UK Of 50% Of Household Waste

To raise recycling levels and make sector safer more staff, more investment in vehicles and equipment and safer methods of working are needed to keep those providing these vital service safe says GMB.

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13th Jan McDonald's Protest

28 January 2016

GMB To Join Protest On 13th January At McDonald's In London For £10 Per Hour, Union Rights And End To Zero Hours Contracts

In the UK and America fast food workers are forced to live in poverty by multi-national and hugely profitable companies like McDonald's says GMB.

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Meeting With MPs On British Airways

28 January 2016

GMB Meet MPs On Wed 13th Jan To Halt British Airways Plan To Outsource Jobs And Abuse Tier 2 Visa System

These latest developments should worry MPs and the government that UK security interests are being handed over glibly to a foreign national company says GMB.

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GMB Support Junior Doctors Dispute

28 January 2016

GMB Call On Members To Support For Junior Doctors Dispute In England With Flags And Banners On Picket Lines On 12 January

Junior doctors are at forefront of resisting further cuts to pay and conditions in NHS where pay has fallen by 10% in real terms since 2008 says GMB.

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Jan 5th lobby on Housing Bill

28 January 2016

GMB Protest At Parliament On 5th Jan For Report Stage Of Housing Bill On Sale Of Social Housing And Removal Of Security Of Tenure

Tory Party manifesto did not contain proposal to end security of tenure for council tenants so House of Lords must remove the amendment says GMB

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Uber Cut Drivers' Income By 15%

28 January 2016

UBER Cut Fares For Passengers By 15% With No Discussion With Drivers The result of this cut is an immediate 15% drop in income for licensed drivers on the platform says GMB.

GMB members driving for Uber in Luton have learned the company has reduced rates by 15% to fare paying passengers. The result of this is an immediate 15% drop in income for licensed drivers on the platform.

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28 January 2016

Pay In London Hardest Hit As Real Value Of Average Earnings For Full Time Workers In UK Drop By 13.6% Since 2008

The government predicts that the economy will grow steadily each year to 2020 and workers in the UK will want to see that growth translating into pay rises above inflation to make up the lost ground says GMB

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11 Jan 2016

JUNIOR DOCTORS ANNOUNCE STRIKE ACTION DATES Confirmed junior doctors strike dates are as follows:
12 January 2016 Emergency care only between 8am on Tuesday, 12 January and 8am on Wednesday, 13 January (24 hours)
26 January 2016 Emergency care only between 8am on Tuesday, 26 January and 8am on Thursday, 28 January (48 hours)
10 February 2016 Full walkout between 8am and 5pm on Wednesday, 10 February

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11 Jan 2016

Following the pay offer for 2016-18 made by the Local Government Employers (see Bulletin P/10/15), GMB and the other trade unions have taken soundings from members and met today to discuss the way forward.

None of the Unions are prepared to recommend the Employers' offer and we are asking for last ditch talks to try and make improvements to what has been offered.

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If you are an existing member or thinking about joining the GMB and would like to speak to one of our Organising Team officers first, please complete the following information below.
Please also complete this form if you think that there is a possibility of increasing GMB membership or, you would like us to assist in developing GMB organisation and representational structures where you work.
Alternatively for further help and advice call the regional office on 020 8202 8272.

Are you an existing GMB Member
Are you a GMB Rep or Workplace contact
Are your Workplace Colleagues interested in joining the GMB



GMB is the UK's third largest, trade union and probably the fastest growing with a 15% increase in members in real terms in the last five years.




If you work in a school please check the current GMB rate with your local GMB office.

Other rates available for:

Apprentices = £2 per month

Students who are in employment will continue to pay the rate applicable to their employment and hours of work.




And for GMB members under 18 years.

If you work in a school please check the current GMB rate with your local GMB office.

Non-working Students = £1 per month

Sick and unemployed members = 5p per week.



Terms Apply

Retired Life Membership is free

As long as you retire permanently from work

Have 5 years membership

Apply within 3 months from your last contribution



GMB London Region Offices

Chelmsford ~ 01245 345165
Gants Hill ~ 020 8518 9200
Hayes ~ 020 8756 0276
Hendon ~ 020 8202 8272
Luton ~ 01582 404842
Norwich ~ 01603 626492/625260
Southend ~ 01702 390512
GMB Academies Members Helpline
0800 035 6406
Unionline ~ Members Legal Helpline
0300 333 0303


GMB want to help our members get involved in politics at all levels. Standing for your local council in devolved elections, for Westminster or European Parliaments are good ways of making sure that the views of ordinary working people are heard in the corridors of power.
Email: Gary Doolan Tel. 020 7391 6748

Thinking of Joining

If you are an existing member or thinking about joining the GMB and would like to speak to one of our Organising Team officers first. Please complete our

workplace request for support

form if you think that there is a possibility of increasing GMB membership or, you would like us to assist in developing GMB organisation and representational structures where you work.

Retiring from Work

You don't have to give up GMB because you have retired from work. The GMB Retired Members Association (RMA) is just for retired members who want to continue their GMB work. As of 1 July 2015, Retired Life Membership is free as long as you retire permanently from work, have 5 years membership and apply within 3 months from your last contribution. You become a life member of GMB RMA and join thousands of other GMB members who have lots of spare time to organise and be involved in GMB campaigns and activities.

Representation & Negiotiation

Experienced GMB Organisers can arrange to represent members at their workplace if necessary and can all upon specialist legal advice on members' behalf for matters such as Employment Tribunals.

Phone GMB London Region Office on 020 8202 8272.

Health & Safety at Work

For a comprehensive support and guidance service including visits and inspection of GMB members workplaces, phone 020 8202 8272 and get expert advice from our specialist GMB Health & Safety Officers.

It is recognised that you are 50% safer at work if you have a union to support you.

Legal Compensation

With years of experience, professionally trained and motivated representatives, staff and solicitors, you are in good hands. The GMB legal services recover millions of pounds each year for members and their families without members paying a penny more than their monthly contributions.

Brighter Prospects

Workers in unionised workplaces are more likely to receive job related training than their counterparts in non-union workplaces. The GMB has thousands of Learning Representatives who can unlock the door to education for you – whether it's training to get more pay, a better job or just learning something that is of personal interest to you.

Better and Safer Pension

Trade unions have won better occupational pensions for part-time workers and we have forced the Government to set up a pension protection fund which means if your pension scheme goes bust you are fully protected.

More to Say

People working in unionised workplaces are twice as likely to have a say through consultative committees as people in non-union workplaces. Regular meetings with management are more likely where unions are present and the GMB will be working hard to ensure that employers comply with laws on information and consultation which mean you get a say in your workplace.

Strong Political Voice

The GMB, working with other unions, has won 56 new commitments out of the previous Labour Government, including the right to five weeks paid holiday each year, excluding bank holidays, greater pension protection, the extension of protection pay and conditions in public services, and a procurement policy that will safeguard jobs and skills in manufacturing.

Job Security

Non-union members are twice as likely to be sacked as members.

Better Pay

Workers who belong to a trade union are paid about 8% more than non union workers in comparable jobs.



GMB is your union. It is not out to make a fast buck, its job is to provide the best services in the country to GMB members.

Members Legal Help

You can call us about any employment law or personal injury law problem and we will provide legal advice if you are a GMB member.

Our employment law service provides complete advice and representation to GMB members at no cost. Call 0300 333 0303

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Equality Survey

Take part in our Equality Survey, this information is vital to our union in making sure that we are representative of our members.

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GMB Equality

Our Self-organised groups are confidential, safe-spaces for members who want to talk about their issues and campaign together. The strands are:

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Thinking of Joining

We provide many services and benefits to our members for a small monthly cost. Not sure, fill out our

for a member of our organising team to contact you and discuss our membership benefits.

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Motor Legal Services

If you are involved in a non fault accident, your UNIONLINE Motor Legal Service provides a replacement vehicle, organise and handle the repairs, as well as dealing with the recovery of all losses and handling any personal injury claim

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Hearings and Appeals

Workers have the right to be accompanied at grievance and disciplinary hearings and appeals, even if their employer does not recognise GMB.

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Your Civil Rights

Every worker has the fundamental civil right to join GMB, and to take part in its activities. Nor can an employer offer better terms and conditions to non-members than to GMB members.

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Cash Benefit

GMB can help by paying members the following benefits. Weekly Accident Benefit for up to 13 weeks, Permanent Total Disablement Grant, Occupational Fatal Accident Benefit, Non-occupational Fatal Accident Benefit and Victimisation Benefit.

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Motor Legal Services

UNIONLINE Motor Legal Service is available to GMB members and their families free of charge for if you need to make a motor Service claim following an accident or damage to your vehicle.

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Social Security Advice

Free help with queries about pensions, industrial injuries, sickness, unemployment and all other benefits. Free help if you need to appeal against a DSS decision.

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Strike or Industrial Action

The law requires unions to hold fully postal ballots of members before calling a strike or other industrial action.

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Worried about debt, or a bad landlord? Call UNIONLINE 0300 333 0303

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The GMB have sort companies that may be able to give you help or special discounts. An extra benefit to joining the GMB.

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