Membership Rates

What do I pay?
How do I join?

The GMB keeps membership costs as low as possible. If you work full-time, you pay only £2.75 per week ( £11.92 per month).

Part-time employees working up to 20 hours per week and those under 18 years pay £1.60 per week (£6.94 per month).

Retired members pay a one-off payment of £25.00 for Life Membership.

The Union offers a range of benefits on what you pay.

The GMB has provided an online facility to click here to visit our web page to Join Online, pay by direct debit every month for ease.

Click here to visit our web page to download a GMB membership form for printing. The completed form can be posted to the GMB or handed to your Union Representative.

Click on here visit our web page to download a GMB Membership Application Form in 4 Languages

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Membership rates quoted here are subject to change.
For confirmation please call 020 8202 8272.